Welcome to visit website of TDS Chemical Corp., Limited! TDS has years of professional experience in supplying additives specially used in gasoline and diesel oil in China,our main product line for gasoline are octane boosters:

Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl, (MMT), Antiknock-819 (A819, non-metal), Tetraethyl Lead (TEL), Ferrocene, and for diesel oil are:Cetane improver (Cetane-707), Pour Point Depressant(PPD-1818).

TDS has been involving in Gasoline Octane booster and Diesel Cetane Improver since 1997. It took the prime business of TEL manufacturing, and gradually transferred to producing and supplying solutions to enhance the performance of products across diverse industries.

It has more than ten years experience in producing Octane booster and has been supplying its service to the worldwide customers currently, TDS has developed the effective superior Non-Metal Gasoline octane booster (A819) used for Un-leaded gasoline and Diesel cetane improver used in diesel oil. TDS Chemical Corp., Limited sincerely Looks forward to having chance to work with clients at home and abroad!