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TDS CHEMICAL CORP., LIMITED was established as a professional manufacturer of additives used in gasoline and diesel oil. TDS was one of the few manufacturers in the world being able to manufacturer Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) for both Motor Gasoline (TEL-CB) and Avgas (TEL-B) for Aircraft. With its close collaboration to leading Chinese Scientific and Research Organizations, TDS has become a respected manufacturer of advanced Fuel Additives.

With a dedicated manufacturing plant in Zhejiang province, TDS is leading the way in the supply of fuel additives, for Gasoline such as:Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl, (MMT), Antiknock-819 (A819, non-metal), Tetraethyl Lead (TEL), Ferrocene, and for diesel oil,such as:Cetane improver (Cetane-707), Pour Point Depressant(PPD-1818)Which is a leading engine propulsion additive used in both racing cars and in rocket propulsion.

As the Refining Industry is aware that the ever tightening gasoline regulations coupled with ever stringent environmental regulations,which means many refiners are facing an octane deficit.Thus may refiners have to import large amount of costly highly octane gasoline to form a gasoline pool.In markets where the end price of the gasoline is controlled by governments, this has added to the financial burden imposed on the refiner.

TDS has for several years been actively engaged with China Science & Research effective replacement for TEL and other additives.

The above range of octane booster compounds are addressing and providing to refiners the requisite octane numbers at a highly competitive cost. TDS looks forward to working with its customers by producing and supplying these key additives.

Full details can be obtained from us and samples will be provided.