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Best Octane Boosters in Motor Gasoline, if metal is allowed in gasoline, you can choose our MMT or A818F products as Octane Booster, if not, please choose our A819 product as Octane Booster. Our suggestions for you per our long-termed experience in the Best Octane Boosters are as follows:

  • If only 2 to 3 octane number (RON) will increase from Ron 85 or plus, then manganese and Fe. are your best choices when small doses of additives are required. Additives like MMT (TDS-2440 and TDS-1510 or A818F) can help you do this as Best Octane Boosters.

  • If over 4 points of Octane number (RON) are expected to increase at one time as Octane Booster, then our metal-free Octane Booster of A819 product is your first choice.

  • Or you can tell us what you are looking for the Best Octane Boosters, please advise the base petrol's RON and the target RON you're expecting to achieve. please tell us, our engineers will specially design the most economical additives and efficient method for you according to the dose range of your deployment system. Please feel free to tell us by email. Thanks for your attention!