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Application of Fuel oil additive(FO-A02)



This product can apply to Power station boiler and Industrial furnaces as well as Large internal combustion locomotive fed with heavy oil、residue oil, it also applies to various kinds of emulsification process equipments and heavy fuel oil both in petrifaction grade and coking grade.


Main Ingredients;

This product is consisted of high-efficiency emulsifier、Active agent、Catalytic combustion improver、Viscosity reducer、Pure dispersing agent、Extreme Pressure Lubricant (EPL)、Corrosion Inhibitor etc....


Technical Property;

The product is made of several kinds of additives and surface active agents which results in itself easily being dissolved into hot oil but its high activity also can get large particles in heavy carbide from heavy fuel oil been broke down into very fine particles, so as a whole it perform a role of catalytic oxidation and catalytic cracking in order to enhance the heavy oil’s complete combustion and improve the combustion efficiency as well as reduce the carbon deposit / ash deposit.

It can react with very little of water containing in the heavy oil to form stable water-in-oil such highly emulsion effect, so that the heavy oil can combust much more fully and clean.


Brilliant Economic Efficiency;

The product can enhance highly emulsion and catalytic combustion but also can reduce the carbon deposit / ash deposit. and work as pure dispersing agent、Extreme Pressure Lubricant (EPL) so as to improve the heavy oil’s combustion efficiency and get the fuel oil a complete combustion and the same to the furnace with more focus flame, thus make sure the best energy-saving effect. The oil-saving rate can reach around 10%. Apart from the merits of energy saving and environmental protection, it can dramatically bring up the finished product rate of ceramics. If it’s being applied to hot-press factory or steel mill, the mill scale reduction and growth in steel yield would be very obviously observed.


Environmental-protection efficiency and the general effects;


This product contains catalytic combustion improver and pure dispersing agent which can improve the combustion and make zero-deposit at the fuel spray nozzle whose cleaning frequency will be reduced a lot and service life thus will be prolonged. Meanwhile the huge reduction of carbon deposit/ as deposit in fuel oil system will in return improve the heat transferring performance of furnaces so that indirectly achieve the energy-saving effect.


The soot from heavy oil’s combustion contains a large amount of carbon black particle、carbon oxide 、nitride and sulfide. Using this product would greatly better the soot situation and reduce the emission of noxious gas to really get the gas turn pale white from pale black, which finally can truly protect the environment.


Owing to combined action of several kinds of additives, the combustion of heavy oil is obvious and the quality and rate of finished products get hugely improved as well.


Method of application;

Heavy oil + FO-A02=1000kg + 2.5kg~3.0kg (0.25%~0.30%)。Put the additive into the high level cistern between which and the pump install a rotor flow meter to control the additive’s injection rate proportionally according to the oil flow. Or each ton of heavy oil will be injected in around 2.5kg ~3.0kg additive and can be easily used after fully stirring. and the usage temperature of additive can be similar to the oil’s.